Continued growth and support of small form factors

The consortium and its board of directors have been instrumental in continuing to maintain the core mission of the organization while adapting to the changing environment and the needs of members and end users.

Since its inception in 1992, the PC/104 Embedded Consortium has seen many changes and growth in the embedded industry. The consortium and its board of directors have been instrumental in continuing to maintain the core mission of the organization while adapting to the changing environment and the needs of members and end users.

Sixth specification adopted: EPIC Express
The mission of the consortium is to expand the worldwide market for PC/104 and other small form factor CPUs with PC/104 stackable I/O extensions. EPIC Express, the sixth specification under the consortium’s management, definitely falls within the scope of this mission. This specification, adopted by members in September 2006, is the next generation of EPIC. EPIC Express defines the performance parameters for a high-speed connector and dictates the locations of the PCI Express connector and the legacy interface on an EPIC form factor SBC.

To learn more about EPIC Express or find member companies currently manufacturing this form factor, please visit

New members: AMD and VIA
Earlier this year we announced the addition of two new members to the consortium, Advanced Micro Devices and VIA Technologies, Inc. The entry of these two heavy-hitter silicon vendors solidifies industry support and longevity for the embedded computing standards the consortium manages. Almost immediately, both companies became highly active in the consortium, and with their support have helped continue the consortium’s momentum. Welcome AMD and VIA!

New consortium leadership
As a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, the consortium regularly elects new officers. Each of the board members volunteers their time, on top of their regular job commitments, to support the consortium. 

We are pleased to announce the election of the new consortium leadership for the 2006-2007 year. Recognizing the importance of having international representation, the board of directors unanimously approved the addition of an Asia-Pacific vice president.  Each of the officers was elected shortly after the annual meeting in late spring, including:

President – Jonathan Miller, Diamond Systems Corporation
North American VP – Doug Stead, Tri-M Systems & Engineering, Inc.
European VP – Martin Bodenschatz, Kontron Modules GmbH
Asia-Pacific VP – Johnny Wang, VIA Technologies, Inc.
Secretary/Treasurer – Colin McCracken, Ampro Computers, Inc.

Other board members include:

Jim Blazer, RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc.
Bob Burckle, WinSystems
Mike Duncan, VersaLogic Corporation
Mike Caubarreaux, Advanced Micro Devices
Susan Wooley, Micro/sys, Inc.

Marketing efforts
The consortium continues to work hard to promote its specifications and the industry in general. This past year we participated in several trade shows new to the consortium. The PC/104 Consortium marketing committee chair, Michelle Lukowski of VersaLogic Corporation, is working with other dedicated volunteers on marketing plans for this upcoming year. The current direction calls for an increase in exposure at more trade shows, additional media circulation, website redesign, and other exciting opportunities. Watch for more information from the consortium soon.

Technical efforts
The PC/104 Consortium Technical Committee continues to play an important role in the consortium’s endeavors. This committee evaluates new developments affecting our specifications and considers new form factors to be adopted by the consortium. Cliff Moon of Kontron chairs this committee, which is composed of volunteers from many of our member companies.

Design contest
Recently, the PC/104 Consortium held its fourth Annual Design Contest, which recognizes engineers for their use of PC/104 to meet design needs and showcases the many applications of PC/104. Of the many entries submitted from all over the world, the consortium recognized the following three winners in their respective categories:

Category I: Commercial for Industrial/Medical/Transportation/Other

  • Winner: Automated decontamination trailer
    Description: The decontamination trailer makes it possible to quickly and cheaply clean large quantities of oil at remote sites.

Category II: Commercial for Military/Aerospace

  • Winner: Magnetic test bench
    Description: The magnetic test bench is designed for compass calibration developed for the aerospace industry.

Category III: Research Project

  • Winner: Mobile robot
    Description: This project is a small mobile robot designed for research purposes.

Congratulations to all our winners. To read the full description and view photos of the winning entries, visit