Promotions and spec revisions on tap for next year

The annual PC/104 and Small Form Factors Buyer’s Guide signals that we are nearing the end of the year, and the global economy has many saying good riddance. The PC/104 Embedded Consortium is looking ahead to next year by planning how to best promote the PC/104 architecture worldwide.

For the past year, the PC/104 Embedded Consortium has concentrated on advancing our specifications and reviewing technical proposals for our specifications. Our Marketing Committee, headed by Michele Kasza of Connect Tech, continues to do an excellent job. The committee planned and coordinated trade shows, media opportunities, and website activities. Next year’s activities include attending the ESC Silicon Valley, Real Time & Embedded Computing Conference Santa Clara, and Embedded World trade shows. Other committee efforts will involve articles, press releases, and incremental website updates.

The Consortium will continue to provide member benefits including media partner programs offering user surveys and discounted print and online sponsorship opportunities. Our media partners have developed articles and placement options and encouraged member-contributed articles. The Consortium is always looking for article ideas, so if there is a PC/104-related topic you have been waiting to read about, contact the PC/104 Embedded Consortium office at

Technical Committee Chairman Jonathan Miller of Diamond Systems is working on a major specification revision that should be out for member vote soon. I can’t really say much about it yet, as it has not been publically released, but I’m sure it will once again advance the stackable PC to the benefit of all members.

If you have not visited the PC/104 Consortium website at lately, I encourage you to do so. We have been making additions and continuous improvements to the site. The board plans to open a design examples section sometime next year. The website allows you to keep abreast of the latest specifications for free and provides a product section where you can search by specification, member company, product type, or keyword. The product directory includes a picture, description, hotlinks, and company contact info for each product. If your company does not have its products listed in the directory, you are missing a great benefit of Consortium membership.

It is critical for the PC/104 Embedded Consortium to present a clear and focused presence of PC/104 technology to avoid confusion in the marketplace. We must protect the Consortium’s trademarks, copyrights, and IP to safeguard members’ investments. We will continue monitoring technological advancements for possible inclusion into the PC/104 architecture.

The PC/104 Consortium fosters open communications with members through its open member forum at every board meeting and keeps technical and marketing committees open to voting and nonvoting members (as observers). If you are interested in participating in the PC/104 Embedded Consortium or on a committee, contact Jeff Milde at the PC/104 Consortium office.

PC/104 Consortium 916-270-2016