Small, embedded SBCs support SUMIT interface

Pico-ITXe is a new, open standard SBC specification from the Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG). It aligns well with the latest ultra-low-power chipsets from the VIA Nano and Intel Atom microprocessor families. Its dimensions are 100 mm x 72 mm, roughly the size of a 2.5" notebook hard disk drive. The Pico-ITXe specification includes unique fixed mounting holes and Pico-I/O expansion connectors that allow stackable, I/O-centric embedded devices to be developed easily using advanced serial bus technology.

Sidebar 1: Pico-ITXe (top) and Pico-I/O (bottom); form factor details
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Pico-ITXe is unique because of its small size and low-power requirements plus its versatility and flexibility, providing support for both high- and low-speed stackable expansion modules. The net result is that it enables designers to create next-generation embedded systems in a simple, low-cost manner.

Pico-I/O is a companion specification for 60 mm x 72 mm stackable I/O bus expansion modules for Pico-ITXe boards implemented with the Stackable Unified Modular Interconnect Technology (SUMIT) expansion interface. Up to four Pico-I/O modules can be supported in a stack with a combination of PCI Express, USB, LPC, I2C, SPI, and ExpressCard interfaces. This gives designers the flexibility to incorporate additional interface capabilities from either custom or off-the-shelf commercially available modules to meet system I/O requirements.