The place for PC/104 products

What better place than PC/104 and Small Form Factors magazine’s annual Buyer’s Guide to promote the best place to find PC/104 technology products? The PC/104 Embedded Consortium’s website at has been experiencing a flurry of activity since the introduction of the PCI/104-Express specification and the website’s revamped product section.

The website is a portal to the expansive, unified PC/104 community. This website provides users with official up-to-date specifications and opportunities to develop first-order solutions to their requirements. All levels of the embedded community can now benefit from this easy-to-use resource.

Members can directly update product offering information. Component manufacturers can list products that target the PC/104 industry. Board-level manufacturers can obtain information on current specifications and see which components are being targeted for the long term. OEMs and end users looking for processors, data acquisition, industrial I/O, avionics interfaces, human machine interfaces, communications modules, mass storage, power supplies, enclosures, and software products and manufacturers based on the PC/104, EBX, and EPIC architectures are finding them here. It’s a one-stop resource for the embedded market at all levels. Hundreds of product listings spanning more than 50 main and subcategories have already been uploaded to the website.

Searchable categories include:

  • Bus configuration and form factor:

– PC/104 (ISA only)

– PC/104-Plus (ISA and PCI)

– PCI-104 (PCI only)

– PCI/104-Express (PCI and PCI Express)

– PCIe/104 (PCI Express only)

– EPIC and EPIC Express

– EBX and EBX Express

  • More than 50 product types such as CPU/SBC or data acquisition
  • Manufacturer

The PC/104 Embedded Consortium website has tracked the following statistics during the past year:

  • Average number of visits per day: 540
  • Average number of visits per month: 11,900
  • Visits from distinct Internet addresses in the past year: 108,250
  • Number of products: More than 350
  • Top pages: Home page, products, specifications

Not bad statistics given the state of the global economy in the past year. The fact that the products page is being hit more often than the specifications page indicates that OEMs and end users have found this resource and are using it to find products. If you are a Consortium member and your products are not listed, you are missing one of the biggest benefits of membership. If you are not a member and want to get your products in front of 108,000-plus people, consider joining the PC/104 Embedded Consortium by contacting the Consortium office or clicking on the membership link at

The PC/104 Embedded Consortium continues to provide the best value for users by offering free specifications that are based on sound technology, years of experience, and the combined efforts of many companies. The products section of the website gives members a place to showcase their PC/104 architecture products and gives OEMs and end users a place to find these products. In the end, users are left with a large breadth and depth of consistent products for their applications as well as quick time-to-market experiences. Visit the PC/104 Embedded Consortium’s website at to find more information on specifications, key players in the PC/104 market and their products, and up-to-date PC/104 news and activities.

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