Making Android development less rigid

Getting Android applications to communicate with a wide variety of devices can feel like forcing a square peg into a round hole. They can even be ill- fitting with other Android applications due to the platform’s fragmentation. But Objective Interface Systems’ ORBexpress for Android middleware can shape applications to fit any platform or device, regardless of the destination’s operating system, programming language, or architecture.

Android’s current software development kit makes connecting apps easy on the same device, but off the device is out of the question. The ORBexpress framework, on the other hand, drills down on Android to put applications onto PCs, other mobile devices, enterprise networks, and pretty much anything else. The lightweight middleware, based on industry-standard CORBA technology, provides many mechanisms for communicating between devices including Web servers and direct peer-to-peer communications. The background communication and data exchange between the different devices aims for lightning-fast UI response times. And, it’s reliable enough to use in mission-critical systems, the company says. Voila: Rigid becomes flexible.