Tough but flexible chassis kit

Getting started can be the hardest part of the design process. But VIA Technologies has made prototyping hardware and software designs easier with the VIA AMOS-5001 chassis kit. Whether or not the final design uses VIA’s x86 CPUs or the Em-ITX form factor, it’s still a useful platform to begin with and makes that whole getting started thing much more doable.

The plethora of I/O options through interchangeable front and rear panels makes the kit a flexible aid to medical, industrial, digital signage, and surveillance systems. The -20 °C to +55 °C operating temperature, fanless kit also has a rugged side, capable of handling anti-shock up to 50 g and is vibration-resistant for extra reliability. The compact, 35.2 mm x 231.44 mm x 124.8 mm design is crunched down for maximum space efficiency for electromagnetic compatibility. The tiny kit allows for an optional 2.5″ HDD storage subsystem chassis, letting all the squeezed-in bits stretch out. Common I/O ports have external cutouts for easy external access, and it uses a modular design and just four mechanical parts for easy assembly and maintenance. This flexible kit measures up to be tough enough to withstand harsh conditions but is moldable to many different applications.