Combines an Zynq Z7045 SoC with FMC IO module in a compact, stand alone design — download pricing & datasheets now!

Innovative Integration

The Cardsharp user-customizable, turnkey embedded single board that provides two A9 CPU cores directly-coupled with FPGA fabric. Linux runs in core 0 providing Ethernet, USB and disk connectivity while core 1 runs bare-metal, zero-latency, real-time standalone applications.

The Cardsharp Kintex 7-series FPGA fabric is directly connected to an HPC FMC module site and 128MB x 64 DRAM, and is compatible with Innovative's huge assortment of ultimate-performance FMC I/O modules. With its modular I/O, scale-able performance and powerful, 32-bit floating point CPU core architecture, Cardsharp dramatically reduces time-to-market while providing excellent real-time performance.


Uniquely customize-able due to it's XMC footprint and FMC I/O expansion site, Cardsharp is ideal for applications such as distributed data acquisition. Put the Cardsharp at the data source and reduce data transport bottlenecks and complexity.

Cardsharp is also compatible with Innovative's new ePC-Nano embedded PC/carrier that provides dual 10 Gbps Ethernet ports for fast data streaming to networks of any size and dual mSATA2 connections to multi-TB SSD storage media.

Cardsharp is L3-ruggedized, booting from eMMC flash in a compact, 150x75mm footprint that is ready for operation in harsh environments. This single board is perfect for portable or vehicle-based data loggers or hand-held field equipment use, given it's 8-36V DC-only operation.

“So easy and powerful, using Cardsharp is like cheating your next embedded development.” --Jim Henderson President, Innovative Integration

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