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PC/104: A fresh look in its 25th year

Stephen St. Amant, PC/104 Consortium President

Let's take a moment to recall the significance of 1987 - thirty years ago. You may immediately think, "Yes. 1987. A fantastic year for the birth of tennis stars: Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, and Sara Errani were all born in '87." But I imagine your second thought is about PC/104, right? Well, it could be if you know your PC/104 history: 1987 marks the year that Ampro introduced the Little Board/PC…

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White Paper
White Paper: COM-Based SBCs: The Superior Architecture for Small Form Factor Embedded Systems

Staff, Diamond Systems Corporation

Embedded systems designers are under pressure to reduce the cost and size of electronics while improving time-to-market and overall system reliability. Today, many designers achieve these goals by using off-the-shelf x86 single board computers (SBCs) with I/O modules stacked above or below to implement the special-purpose I/O that makes the embedded system fit the application requirements. An alternative to this traditional approach is to use a Computer-on-Module (COM)-based SBC.

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