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PC/104 Consortium Members Approve and Adopt PCI/104-Express(tm) and PCIe/104(tm) Specification Update

PC/104 Consortium

Embedded World 2013, Nuremberg, Germany – February 25, 2013 – The PC/104 Consortium is pleased to announce that the PCI/104-Express & PCIe/104 Specification, with provisions for PCI Express Generation 2 and Generation 3,was approved in February by member vote. The additions and enhancements to the specification align it with performance improvements to PCI Express 3.0. Transfer rates of up to 2 GB/s, 8GB/s, 16 GB/s and 32GB/second are now possible on its x1, x4, x8, and x16 links. The connector technology and foot-print is preserved in the specification. Layout examples for the different PCI Express links, USB 3.0, and SATA were added to assist developers.

“This revision demonstrates the commitment of the PC/104 Consortium members to keep the base specifications relevant as improvements are made to the standards used with PC/104,” stated Jeff Munch, chair of the PC/104 technical committee. “Improvements such as these are necessary to ensure that our members are offering the highest caliber of product possible.”

Products based on this revision of the specification are already rolling out as PC/104 suppliers take advantage of the higher performance interconnect capability with PCI Express Gen 2 or Gen 3. This opens up new possibilities for data intensive applications with fewer required PCI Express links.

The PC/104 Consortium will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2013 in Nuremburg, Germany, February 26 to 28. Join the members of the PC/104 Consortium in Hall 2 at booth 2-419. Use this opportunity to meet with PC/104 technology experts plus see the latest innovation in new products using PC/104 technologies. Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate products and answer questions about PC/104 specifications.

About the PC/104 Consortium

The PC/104 Consortium is the focal point for the entire PC/104 industry including manufacturers and OEMs. The consortium’s website at provides a portal for information on current PC/104 architecture specifications, product offerings, news and events and an environment to advance and develop PC/104 architecture specifications that are consistent, stable, and compatible for long-term use.

The PC/104 Consortium and PC/104 standard were established in 1992. PC/104, in use since 1987, is a small form factor, embedded PC physical and electrical interface standard. It provides embedded system designers with an architecture that is dense, cost effective, and based on proven, practical technology. PC/104-Plus, an extension that was added to the standard in 1995, incorporates PCI bus technology. A PCI only version, PCI-104 was incorporated into the specification in 2003. Stackable PCI Express was added to the PC/104 architecture in early 2008 with the PCI/104-Express and PCIe/104 specification. The EBX form factor, a full-size format created in 1997, was adopted by the Consortium in early 2005. EPIC form factor, a mid-sized format that supports PC/104 and PC/104-Plus was adopted in early 2005.

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