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PearlBlue Ready-To-Go Bluetooth Module -- quickly implements a serial link between computers, portable computers, smart phones and other PearlBlue modules

Saelig Company Inc

Pittsford, NY: PearlBlue™ is a Class 1 (up to 100m range) intelligent Bluetooth module that implements a transparent UART-to-Bluetooth interface bridge in master or slave mode, offering a fast wireless solution for embedded applications. PearlBlue™ implements a proprietary command-based firmware over the Bluetooth serial Port Profile to allow worry free point-to-point wireless communication for devices incorporating this profile over Bluetooth. PearlBlue™ connects the radio serial port to a physical UART that can be easily interfaced to any embedded microcontroller, PDA, or computer. Additionally, PearlBlue™ offers 6 general purpose I/O lines.

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