AAEON's latest EMB-BT2 and EMB-BT4 Mini-ITX Boards: Light on the Environment but with Hefty Offerings

AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, features a new Power-to-Performance standard with its release of EMB-BT2 and EMB-BT4.

Both boards are powered by the Intel® Atom™ E3800 series processors to offer premium performance and low power consumption. Fanless design is adopted to negate problems such as vibration and mechanical breakdown from moving or changing of parts while is dissipated entirely by heat sinks.

Energy consumption is further reduced with the utilization of ATX power specifications, widely adopted for its stability and versatility, requiring only 12V.

Supporting Dual LAN and mSATA, both boards are ideally suited for factory automation applications. As the former feature offered a primary and backup internet connections while the latter permits use of many shock-resistant mSATA devices. The small factor (mini-ITX ),as well as the presence of two LVDS sockets also encourages applications in electronic Kiosk and Point of Sale applications. Moreover, with numerous interface and expansion slots, such as (up to six) COM ports, (up to eight) USB ports and other expansion buses, and LVDS technology offering a closed connection between the video processing units of the board to the display, its use extends to the outdoors, as the connection will not be affected by any external interference. The thin design of the EMB-BT4 is also slim enough to be used in panel PCs and slim PCs.

“Both the EMB-BT2 and EMB-BT4 are designed to be lightweight, both physically and environmentally,” said Chelsea Lee, Project Manager of AAEON’s Industrial PC Division. “We hope to induce an idea to the general consumer that performance is not necessarily proportional to power, with the introduction of EMB-BT2 and BT4”.

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