ACTIS Computer introduces the First PowerPC(tm) PPC460EX COM Express(r) Compact Module

XCOM-9460 is a highly integrated solution specially designed to meet PICMG COM.0 standard requirements. It features a low-power high-performance PowerPC processor in COM Express Compact form factor, only 95x95 mm

ACTIS Computer, a leading supplier of PowerPC Single Board Computer for VMEbus, cPCI, and PCI Motherboard, announces a new PowerPC PPC460EX Computer-On-Module (COM) designed around the new PICMG COM.0 standard for Processor Mezzanine Board: The COM Express module XCOM-9460.

Based on the compact form factor measuring 95 x 95mm (3.74” x 3.74”), the XCOM-9460 COM Express module represents an innovative solution for applications requiring a very low power dissipation handled with an optimum level of computing resources. This solution is focusing on embedded application markets including transport, security, industrial process control and instrumentation running under commercial or industrial grade environment (up to -40/+85°C).

The XCOM-9460 includes the latest AMCC PPC460EX PowerPC processor running up to 1 GHz with up to 1 GByte of DDR2 SDRAM on SODIMM module, 8 MByte of NOR Flash, and up to 1 GByte of NAND Flash. The XCOM-9460 also includes a 128-bit 2D/3D graphic engine and several bus interfaces: two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 (Host/device) ports, one Serial-ATA storage interface, two RS-232 serial ports, a 4-lane PCI Express bus and a 32-bit/66MHz legacy PCI bus.

The PICMG COM.0 standard) is designed to reduce the customer’s time to market, by removing the burden of designing the complex embedded computing part of the project, and allowing him to focus only on the application specific function of his system on a carrier board. This modular approach gives the customer the opportunity to select the best Microcomputer module for his application. It also allows him to upgrade the CPU module when new, higher performance processors are introduced, thus greatly extending the life cycle of his product.

ACTIS Computer provides extensive software support for the XCOM 9460: The board is available with the U-Boot boot loader for booting Linux over Ethernet links, SATA, USB and NAND Flash. For hard-real-time applications, a VxWorks BSP is available on request.

ACTIS Computer also offers the KCAC-0320 standard universal COM Express Carrier. This compact board can be fitted with the XCOM-9460 and includes application's connectors, power supply, disk drives and peripheral interfaces. Additionally, two PMC sockets are provided for adding modular I/O functions.

ACTIS Computer is also providing custom design services for carrier board development based on customer's application requirements. Please contact ACTIS Computer custom department: custom@actis

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For more technical information on XCOM-9460 or KCAC-0320 please refer to the following datasheet or contact our sales offices and distributors.


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About the PICMG Computer on Module (COM) Standard

Released in 2005 by the PICMG Consortium, the COM Express Standard (COM.0) specifies a very small form factor computer modules aimed at a wide variety of vertical applications in the embedded marketplace. The Computer-on-Module approach puts an entire computer host-complex power on a small form factor module that can be mounted on larger carrier boards containing the application specific IO and power circuitry. It also allows flexibility in standard form factor boards that require upgradeable host functionality. This brings benefits to system designers, such as reduced time-to-market, cost-effective customization and lower product lifecycle costs.

About ACTIS Computer

Founded in 1990 by Embedded Systems Specialists, located in Geneva, Switzerland and Tempe AZ, USA, ACTIS Computer designs and produces high performance and innovative Single Board Computer solutions for Industrial, Telecom, Medical, Transportation, Military and other demanding applications based on PowerPC architectures. ACTIS Computer is an active Member of the Vita and PICMG Manufacturer’s Groups.