CoreExpress-ECO supports 2 GB RAM

LiPPERTs Atom-based Advanced COM-Modules CoreExpress™-ECO now handle up to two gigabytes, opening opportunities for completely new mobile embedded PC applications.

CoreExpress-ECO Module
CoreExpress-ECO Module

Introduced at the 2008 trade show, the CoreExpress-ECO is still the smallest advanced Computer-On-Module (Advanced COM) board available today. Measuring 58mm x 65mm, its weights is only about 28 grams.

These tiny modules are now capable of holding up to two Gigabyte DDR2-SDRAM. Together with the powerful yet energy-efficient Intel® Atom™ processors, this allows applications impossible until now.

The CoreExpress-ECO modules are especially well suited for mobile devices, either wearable computers, mobile healthcare, or automotive equipment. Due to the module's small power consumption the requirements towards the power supply are diminished; they can even be battery-operated.

CoreExpress-ECO modules come with a variety of buses like PCI Express, USB 2.0, LPC, and system management bus. There are SDVO and LVDS graphics ports, HD audio and a parallel ATA port available for system integration. The design is completely legacy-free.

The module features a standard BIOS residing in an integrated flash storage. System supervision and control is facilitated with helper function programmed in the system management controller (SMC). This microcontroller handles the LiPPERT Enhanced Management Technology (LEMT) functions. These include things like operation hours counter, watchdog timers, protected user flash area, an 128 bit security key and much more.

System integrators profit from the available Starter Kit. In a sturdy carrying case, there is everything needed to get a prototype up and running in no time. There is a CoreExpress-ECO module, mounted on a carrier board, a LCD display panel, power supply, and full documentation included. The kit is covered by three hours of free support. LiPPERT also offers its services when developing a custom carrier board.

Power consumption is around 5 watts for modules with 1.6 GHz processors and two gigabyte RAM. The module is optionally available for the extended temperature range of


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