Data Translation Announces New Technology in Precision Measurement

By incorporating proprietary ISO-Channel(tm) technology users can get unprecedented accuracy in analog voltage readings regardless of the environmental conditions

MARLBORO, MA - May 5, 2009 − Data Translation announces a more powerful version of its VOLTpoint™ and TEMPpoint™ instruments for battery and temperature measurement. By incorporating proprietary ISO-Channel™ technology users can get unprecedented accuracy in analog voltage readings regardless of the environmental conditions.

"Connections to sensors have frequently resulted in noisy results or ground loops"; according to Fred Molinari, President, Founder and CEO of Data Translation. "ISO-Channel technology eliminates these problems by using galvanic isolation to guarantee 1000V isolation between each sensor input. The result is that accuracy is preserved on all input channels."

ISO-Channel technology offers increased reliability over older relay front end designs prone to system failure, by implementing a separate DC-DC Converter on each 24-bit A/D converter for all 48 channels. Common mode noise and ground loop problems are eliminated with ISO-Channel design. Sensors at varying ground reference are individually referenced to their own level even at vastly differing voltages, including transients to thousands of volts. The all solid-state design provides digital transfer of valuable sensor data with optical and transformer isolation. The result to the user is preserved accuracy on all sensor inputs without regard to grounding conditions.

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VOLTpoint and TEMPpoint measurements instruments have ISO-Channel floating front ends with each input connected to an individual, floating A/D converter with on-board signal conditioning.

VOLTpoint is a precision measurement instrument designed and newly enhanced for measuring a wide range of voltage inputs of +/-10V, +/-100V and +/-400V. Applications include;

* Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV) battery performance

* Li-ion Cell measurements

* High voltage, precision battery stack, or cell balance measurements

* High power portable equipment, Motor shunt measurements

* Commercial, military hybrid vehicles

* Fuel cell stacks, High voltage data acquisition

* Battery back-up monitoring

TEMPpoint is a series of temperature measurement instruments designed for high accuracy and industrial robustness. These instruments allow direct thermocouple, RTD, and precision voltage or resistance measurements with a PC. Temperature and voltage values can be viewed, graphed, or exported to Excel, and allow limit checking for control or monitoring of a manufacturing process.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for VOLTpoint and TEMPpoint begins at $3,195 and both are available immediately in USB and Ethernet Versions. No charge software accompanying all products allows the user to quickly and easily connect and measure.

About The Company

Data Translation Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes highly accurate data acquisition hardware and software products for PC-based measurement systems including easy-to-use USB modules.