Diamond Systems Provides a Rapid Development Path for OEMs Through Alliance with Suntron Systems

"OEM Ready Solutions" Program Combines Diamond Systems' Products with Suntron's Integration Services to Provide Complete Solutions

Newark, CA., August 4, 2005 – Diamond Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of highly integrated embedded single board computers, I/O boards, and power supplies, has signed an agreement with Suntron Systems, an industry expert in all aspects of system integration, certifications, new product introduction and life-cycle management to create the "OEM Ready Solutions" program. The program allows OEM customers to offload non-core activities, such as product development and program management, to Diamond Systems, freeing development teams to focus on their core competencies such as software and market development.

"Along with an increasing demand for commercial & ruggedized-off-the-shelf solutions, we are receiving a dramatic increase in customer requests for integrated solutions." said Jonathan Miller, President /CEO of Diamond Systems. "Our partnership with Suntron now allows us to extend our capabilities from simply providing boards to providing complete solutions based on our line of embedded computing products. This program supports our goal of helping customers get to market faster and more efficiently."

As opposed to a "one size fits all" approach to systems integration, the OEM Ready Solutions program offers system solutions and services that meet each customer's unique needs. Services include system design (including customization of standard board-level products or full-custom design), procurement and integration of all third party hardware and software, integration and management of customer supplied software and hardware, system level industry certifications, configuration control, logistics, warranty service, and life cycle management support. All of these services are designed to off-load the time consuming efforts needed by customers to obtain and maintain computing platforms for their applications. Customers can also have their turnkey products inventoried and shipped to their end customers by using Suntron’s cross-docking fulfillment services.

"Today's OEMs are looking for the flexibility and reliability provided by Diamond's board-level products but also want to divest themselves of non-core functions like integration," said David Paul, General Manager of Suntron Systems. "By utilizing Suntron's expertise to provide and maintain a system solution that supports their application, Diamond's customers create a competitive advantage for themselves. They can focus exclusively on their most important assets: their core technologies and their customers."

The "OEM Ready solutions" program was kicked off in early July this year with a project from Montason Exploration (Monterey, CA), which conducts oil exploration in remote locations around the world. Their need for harsh-environment-capable embedded computer technology made Diamond Systems' products a natural choice. Diamond was further able to meet their special requirements in the data collection process through customization of our standard A/D board design. Finally, their need for rapid deployment, combined with limited in-house engineering resources, caused them to turn to Diamond and Suntron for a total solution. This combination of rugged design, customization, and integration services made the Diamond/Suntron OEM Ready Solutions program a perfect fit for this customer's needs.

About Diamond Systems

Diamond Systems, has been a leading designer and manufacturer of highly integrated embedded SBCs, I/O boards, power supplies and systems for over 15 years. Today the company is leveraging its experience in embedded designs to become a total solutions provider with a broad standard product offering, product customization, ruggedization, integration and enabling software.

About Suntron Systems

Suntron delivers complete manufacturing services and solutions to support the entire life cycle of complex products in the semiconductor capital equipment, aerospace and defense, medical, and industrial markets. Suntron's customers enjoy the benefits of leveraging the company's vertically integrated model to improve time to market, enhance manufacturing flexibility, reduce inventory liability, remove redundant and non-value add processes as well as simplify their supply chain.