Eurotech Extends COM Express Product Line With New Modules Based on Freescale QorIQ Processors

New Standards-Based Modules Take Advantage of Freescale QorIQ(tm) Systems on Chip (SoC) Based on Power Architecture(r) Technology

COLUMBIA, Md., Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, announces today the launch of several COM Express modules to extend the product line of standards-based embedded computers. Based on the Freescale Semiconductor QorIQ SoC processor platform using the Power Architecture technology, Eurotech launches three new COM Express modules: the Adbc7517, Adbc7519, and Adbc7520. The three new products take advantage of the QorIQ platform for high performance and programmability, along with power conservation.

- Adbc7520 employs the Freescale P1021 QorIQ processor for lowest power operation and is suited for multi-service gateways, Ethernet switch controllers, wireless LAN access points and high-performance general purpose control processor applications. The Adbc7520 offers IEEE1588 for networking applications and Gigabit Ethernet for communications-intensive applications, as well as multimedia and standard I/O support.

- Adbc7519 is based on the Freescale P2020 dual core QorIQ processor which balances the performance and power consumption of the system and is ideal for networking applications. The Adbc7519 supports I/O such as USB 2.0, UART, PCIe, GPIO, and I2C as well as graphical interface support for LVDS and VGA making it ideal for multimedia applications.

- Adbc7517 uses the Freescale P4080 QorIQ processor with 8 cores for networking, telecom, wireless, and aeronautics applications that require higher levels of processing performance. Supported I/O includes high-speed interfaces such as USB 2.0, PCI Express, and Gigabit Ethernet, as well as ECC-supported DDD-3 RAM, bootable NAND and NOR flash, all with under 6.5A of current consumption.

All three Eurotech products are based on 45 nm QorIQ products from Freescale, and they offer both software and pin compatibility. Software compatibility allows OEMs to migrate applications between Eurotech Adbc7517, 7519, and 7520 modules, while pin compatibility enables developers to move from one processor to another in a hardware design. Such flexibility and migration capabilities future-proof design efforts, which is essential for effective use of resources in highly performing development teams.

"Freescale and Eurotech have partnered to bring embedded computing to market in the standard COM Express form factor with multiple SKUs to meet specific application requirements," explains Glenn Beck, Product Marketing Manager for Freescale's Networking Processor Division. "As an example of our close relationship, Eurotech's Adbc7520 COM Express product takes full advantage of the high-value P1021 processor, and when combined with a carrier board from Freescale, comes in an off-the-shelf development kit to speed application development for OEMs."

"COM Express continues to be an attractive form factor for OEMs with space and thermal constraints in their devices," comments Haritha Treadway, Product Manager for Eurotech Inc. "The new Adbc products offer choices for OEMs who need to balance cost, performance, and programmability within their devices and applications. Eurotech's unique value proposition is to simplify deployment of leading embedded technology for OEMs, which this joint effort has done by creating modules using the latest QorIQ processors from Freescale."

The Adbc7517, 7519 and 7520 COM Express products all support Linux and VXWorks operating systems. Development systems are available from Freescale in the first quarter of 2011.

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