Eurotech Adds Wind River Linux 3.0 Support to Products Based on Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor

Together with Wind River's World-Class Customer Support and Broad ISV Ecosystem, Eurotech Customers Can Focus on Differentiated Value

COLUMBIA, Md., Sept 8 -- Eurotech Group, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, announces today the support of the Wind River Linux 3.0 operating system on several Eurotech hardware platforms. Eurotech has added support of Wind River Linux 3.0 to meet demand in medical, industrial control, transportation and other applications where precision and responsiveness are vital to customer success.

"Our decisive move and quick action to add Wind River Linux 3.0 support to our popular Catalyst Module and other Intel Atom-based hardware platforms complete the next logical step to delivering what the embedded and pervasive computing market is demanding," explains Arlen Nipper, President and CTO of Eurotech Inc. "We were increasingly hearing from customers that Wind River Linux support was a key requirement so our development team worked closely with Wind River engineers to make that happen quickly."

"Eurotech customers can now more easily leverage tools and third-party applications from Wind River and Wind River's comprehensive ISV ecosystem," comments Jens Wiegand, General Manager, Industrial and Medical Solutions, Wind River. "In combination with Wind River's world-class customer support, Eurotech customers can minimize time-to-market and risk, while focusing on differentiated value."

Eurotech initially supports Wind River Linux 3.0 on its products that are based on the Intel® Atom(TM) processor, including the Catalyst Module, Catalyst EC, ISIS, Proteus, and DuraCOR 1200/1400 embedded boards and systems.

Eurotech designs and manufactures a range of innovative embedded single board computers, application-ready platforms and configurable systems for customers who operate within the transportation, medical, communications, defense, security, and industrial industries.

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