Eurotech Introduces Catalyst FX, a Flexible, Low-Power, High-Performance Embedded System

Eurotech's Catalyst FX delivers the power of the Intel(r) Atom(tm) processor in a flexible embedded system with extensive I/O, wireless communication and multimedia capabilities

COLUMBIA, Md., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Eurotech Group, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, today announces the launch of Catalyst FX, a flexible, high-performance embedded system. Incorporating the popular Eurotech Catalyst Module XL computer on module, based on the Intel® Atom™ processor, the Catalyst FX system offers extreme flexibility, with an extensive list of I/O, multimedia, and communications capabilities.

The Catalyst FX system offers easy customization through hardware and software options, making it fit unique device requirements for a variety of applications. Expansion boards deliver multimedia, I/O, and other features for industries such as fleet management, telematics, telecommunications, industrial, healthcare, media and digital signage. In addition, the Catalyst FX system supports the Eurotech Everyware™ Software Framework, a Java-based middleware platform which minimizes time to market and facilitates future expansion.

Distinctive features of Eurotech's Catalyst FX include:

• Range of multimedia capabilities including HDMI, XVGA, and LVDS video and audio

• Built-in support for u-blox GPS receiver for applications requiring tracking such as fleet management

• Easy application development with Eurotech's Everyware™ Software Framework and Java support

• Operating system support for Windows CE, Windows Embedded Standard and Wind River Linux 3.0

"The flexibility of the Catalyst FX system makes it stand out as an ideal solution for industries ranging from fleet management to healthcare," said Hilary Tomasson, vice president of marketing for Eurotech Inc. "Eurotech has extensive expertise in delivering application-ready solutions for our OEM customers, and the Catalyst FX system extends that value-add. The Catalyst FX embedded system is perfect for OEMs who need quick and flexible application development options, all within a small form factor and low power draw."


The Catalyst FX embedded system is available now.

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