Eurotech Introduces Catalyst Module XL, a Compact, Rugged Embedded Computer Based on Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor Z5xx Series Platform

Eurotech's Catalyst Module XL Uses Latest Version of the Intel(r) Atom(tm) Processor for Applications Running at Extended Temperatures Using Less Than 3W Power

NUREMBERG, Germany, March 2 -- Eurotech, a leading Group for Embedded Products and Technologies, today announces the launch of the Catalyst Module XL, a compact Computer on Module for rugged applications.

Based on the new Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series platform, the Catalyst Module XL operates at extended temperatures and retains plug-in compatibility with the original Catalyst Module.

The Eurotech Catalyst Module XL has very compact 67x100mm form factor and unveils the full feature set of the Intel® Atom™ platform.

Distinctive features of Eurotech's Catalyst Module XL include:

Low power design: less than 3W in typical applications thanks to the Eurotech microcontroller-based power management system

Rugged for temperature: suitable for extended temperature range

Rugged for vibration: memory subsystem with chips soldered on board for higher reliability

Expandable: 2GB memory configurations available

Flexibility: BIOS and embedded controller can be customized to manage system functions and minimize power consumption

Robust EMI design: Low emissions for minimal electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference

Compatibility: drop-in replacement for the original, standard temperature range Catalyst Module

"Eurotech's engineering team was able to deliver the same form factor in the Catalyst Module XL as it is in the popular Catalyst Module, even though the processor package is larger," explains Greg Nicoloso, CEO of Eurotech USA. "For OEMs whose applications have to run flawlessly at extreme temperatures, Eurotech has the optimal solution with the Catalyst Module XL."

"Intel has extended our Intel Atom processor Z5xx series platform to offer an industrial temperature range of minus 40 to 85 C, and a larger footprint version with 1.0 mm ball pitch," said Jonathan Luse, director of marketing, Low Power Embedded Products Division, Intel. "This allows companies that design application-ready embedded computer systems, such as Eurotech, to bring the technology of the Intel Atom processor to market in embedded systems with the power efficiency, form factor, and feature sets to meet the demands of diverse market segments that need to deploy their products in unconstrained thermal environments."

The Eurotech Catalyst Module XL and ISIS XL demonstrations are operating in the Eurotech booth (#12-116) and the Intel booth (#9-357) at the Embedded World 2009 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany


The Catalyst Module XL will be available in the second quarter of 2009.

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