Fanless Panel PC with a wide Temperature Range and high Brightness

The PANEL15 extends MPL's Panel-PC Family of compact, easy to integrate, and multi-functional All-in-One solutions. The 15 "LCD display comes with LED backlight and front IP65 protection, with Intel processors from Intel Atom up to i7 Core.

Fanless Panel PC
Fanless Panel PC

The PANEL15 extends MPL's Panel-PC Family of compact, easy to integrate, and multi-functional All-in-One solutions. The used 15 "LCD display comes with an LED backlight and can be supplied with 800 or 1600 nits. Resolution is 1024x768 and the angle of view in all four directions 80°. Different Touch are offered as options.

The integrated single board computer from the PIP family is based on the low power Intel Atom Z5xx, the Core 2 Duo, or even the 3rd generation Intel Celeron to i7 CPUs (PIP30 Family).

The PIP30 boards are equipped with Intel Core i7-3555LE dual-core 2.5 GHz with 4 MB cache or other CPUs from the 3rd Generation of Intel (Ivy Bridge) series.

The chipset is the Intel QM77. This gives the user a wide variety of interfaces, such as four GbE ports, up to seven USB (3.0 and 2.0), up to four serial ports (RS232/485), PS/2, and an external SATA and PCI-E interface.

The front of the built-in Panel-PC is IP65 protected and made of stainless steel. On the back are the standard interfaces of the various PIP SBCs available for the user. Like all other MPL products, the PANEL15 does not require a fan, is very flexible, and expandable for many customer needs and requirements.

The robust front IP65 protected PANEL15 is the perfect solution as a man-machine interface in harsh environments, such as in transportation, maritime operations, in traffic applications, or for clean environments such as in medicine or food industry. The PPC can be used in bright sunlight and at temperatures from -20°C to +60°C. Custom specific devices can be delivered as well.

The PANEL15 has been developed in Switzerland based on more then 25 years company tradition and a huge know-how in lowest power consumption and extended temperature operation. According to the company logo "MPL High-Tech • Made in Switzerland" all products are 100% produced in Switzerland by MPL AG.

About the Company

MPL AG is located in Switzerland in the town of Dättwil near Zurich. It was founded 1985 by Rudolf Hug. Since 1985, MPL AG has been developing and manufacturing industrial PCs (boards and systems) for industrial needs and industrial controls with a high quality standard. The success of the company is based on various unique solutions: a rugged, PC compatible industrial concept, long-term availability of our products, low power consumption, extended temperature range, and passive cooling concepts (fanless).