Gumstix rounds off verdex lineup with wireless, network and storage boards

Portola Valley, Calif., October 10, 2007 – Gumstix, Inc, today announced two network communications boards for their verdex product line and a wifi module upgrade. The netmicroSD-vx expansion board combines a microSD card slot with 10/100MBit Ethernet while the netwifi-microSD-vx board combines 802.11b/g with 10/00Mbit Ethernet and a microSD card slot.

“In one small form factor computer, we now provide USB Host, Bluetooth, 802.11(g), 100MBit Ethernet and flash storage,” said W. Gordon Kruberg, CEO of Gumstix. “This demonstrates our functional leadership in the industry as we deliver a wide range of product design options to more than 6,800 customers located in over 60 countries around the world”.

The netwifi-microSD-vx expansion board, 93mm x 20mm, is available for $99 per board. The company website offers a choice of 2 wifi modules conforming either to FCC or to EU requirements. The netmicroSD-vx board, also 93mm x 20mm, is available for $60 per board; it can be upgraded later with a $40 wifi modular upgrade.

Customer purchases of up to 120 units may be made at after which volume orders are arranged offline via Volume pricing discounts are available.

About Gumstix, Inc.

Gumstix sells full function small form factor computers to industrial and commercial product designers, network managers and software engineers in over sixty countries. Built on an open source platform, the gumstix product line supports the growing network and wireless devices markets and offers motherboards, expansion boards and waysmall™ computers.

Based near Palo Alto, California, Gumstix is privately owned and operated.

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Don Anderson