Gumstix New Waysmall(tm) Silverlode Computer: Powering Vertical Market Applications with Ubuntu(r)

Low-Wattage System Housed in Compact Aluminum Case

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 31, 2012 -- Gumstix, Inc., the premier provider of tiny computers-on-module (COMs) and expansion boards for embedded design engineers, today debuted the Waysmall Silverlode computer, a compact 11.0 x 4 .4cm, 1.8cm tall, low-wattage computer designed for developers of commercial and industrial vertical market applications. Housed in an aluminum case, the Waysmall Silverlode cuts power consumption by more than half when compared to alternative solutions.

"The Waysmall Silverlode offers a remote server solution for vertical market software vendors seeking a tiny footprint that draws little power," said W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D., President and CEO of Gumstix. "Gumstix COMs have powered the almost unimaginable: bluetooth-controlled microUAVs, on-satellite multiprocessor networks, biomimetic fish robots, wearable computers, antarctic exploration equipment, and weather balloons. Now these tiny modules have an extra level of robustness because they're protected by an aluminium case."

In addition to the small form factor, the Waysmall Silverlode consumes less than two-and-a-half watts of power, versus the six to seven watts of power used by other small form-factor remote solutions.

In digital signage, the advent of inexpensive, large LCD displays allows companies to dashboard just about anything via an Internet-connected Waysmall Silverlode: schedules, delays, on-time performance, or portfolio performance. The Silverlode has the power of a PC to display web content anywhere in a small package about a quarter the size of an Apple Mac Mini, consuming less power.

The Waysmall Silverlode computer features an 800 MHz Gumstix Overo EarthSTORM COM with a Tobi expansion board mounted inside an aluminum case. The computer ships with a 5V power supply, HDMI-to-DVI cable, USB OTG cable and an 8GB microSD card for booting to Ubuntu.

The Waysmall Silverlode offers several advantages to developers of remote systems:

Small footprint fits in otherwise unreachable remote locations.

Low power requirement -- less than 2.5W.

DVI-D, 100baseT Ethernet, Audio in and out, and three USB ports -- USB OTG, USB Client (console access), and USB Host (High-speed only).

Interior support for hardware developers connecting sensors and actuators.

"It's great to see Gumstix's latest ARM Powered computer offering a compelling Linux-based software stack that leverages Linaro's platform tools and software investment," said Alexander Sack, Platform Technical Director at Linaro, "One of Linaro's key goals is to make it easy for innovators to get access to optimized, easy-to-modify software stacks that we have developed for Linaro member companies. This latest Gumstix computer confirms that we are on track in enabling companies in the ARM and Linux ecosystems to get to market rapidly with faster and better products."

The Waysmall Silverlode computer retails for $199.00, and can be purchased directly at Waysmall Silverlode Computer.

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