Innovative Integration's New eInstruments Atom Low-power, embedded Windows/Linux PC

User-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument,wide assortment of ultimate-performance XMC modules housed in a rugged enclosure featuring an ultra-fast Cabled-PCIe or Gigabit Ethernet carrier

Simi Valley, CA - March 30, 2009 Innovative Integration announces its eInstrument-PC Atom! the eInstrument-PC (Atom) is a low power, embedded Windows/Linux PC. This user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument supports a wide assortment of low power and ultimate-performance XMC modules.

Data Logging - Log Data at up to 800 MB/s. Drive bay supports up to four notebook HDD for up to 2TB storage. Solid state drive options for rugged, low power data logging.

Distributed Data Acquisition - Put the eInstrument-PC at the data source and reduce system errors and complexity. Optional GPSsynchronized timing, triggering and sample control is available for remote IO. Limitless expansion via multiple nodes.

Rugged - Runs diskless from FLASH drive in a compact, rugged 250x170x77mm footprint that is ready for embedded operation.

Low Power 12V DC-Only Operation - Perfect for portable data acquisition or instrumentation. Low power Intel Atom processor for fanless operation.

The rugged eInstrument-PC enclosure houses the SBC-ComEx embedded PC and is compatible with the eInstrument DAQ Node (cabled PCI-Express XMC module carrier). For applications requiring extensive real-time computation, the system CPU may be changed to a 2.53 GHz Core2 Penryn.

Uniquely Customizable - Dual XMC sites for IO, user-programmable FPGA for IO interfaces, triggering and timing control, USB ports.

Up to two X5-series modules may be installed into the ePC. X5 modules provide a state-of-the-art combination of the newest generation, high-density, user-reprogrammable Xilinx Virtex5 FPGA logic meticulously integrated with ultra-high speed analog or digital I/O to address the most demanding radar, wireless RF and communications applications.

For less demanding applications, our X3-series modules may be used. X3 modules provide an extremely cost-effective combination of analog or digital I/O plus a Xilinx Spartan 3 or 3a DSP user-reprogrammable FPGA which provides a plug-and-play, yet customizable solution for common data acquisition, waveform generation and servo/control applications.

Software; Windows and Linux compatible; Runs standard desktop applications; MSVC++ Developers Kit supporting IO integration and customization; device drivers; example software and support applets supplied for all peripherals.

Applications include; Embedded instrumentation; Remote, autonomous IO; Mobile instrumentation; Distributed data acquisition.

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