Kontron expands on-module feature set of its nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Modules

Cost efficient 8-chip 1GB memory, SDIO/GPIO switching via BIOS, and optional SDVO connector

Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, November 24, 2009 - At the SPS/IPC/Drives, Kontron introduced an updated design for the credit card-sized (55mm x 84 mm ) Intel® Atom™ processor-based Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Modules, which are used in ultra small system designs and are a compatible extension to the PICMG® COM Express™ specification, following the pin-out type 1 definition.

The new module features include:

• A cost-effective 8-chip 1GB memory solution

• Convenient SDIO/GPIO switching via BIOS

• An optional implemented SDVO connection

The revised Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module with its robust and future-proof COM Express™ carrier board connector is Kontron's first nanoETXexpress specification 1.0 solution to support the newly adopted SDVO interface. This opens up new application fields for ultra small embedded solutions. In addition to LVDS, the optional SDVO support makes the small nanoETXexpress Computer-on-Modules particularly flexible and cost-efficient: Two displays are now independently controllable, allowing for example:

• Innovative mobile handheld devices with two (touch) displays

• Mobile devices with separate independent monitor via docking station

• 2 independent infotainment panels in automobiles

• Dual monitor HMIs for machine control and monitoring

• Twin applications such as two kiosk systems run by a single embedded computer

And further, this cost-efficient interface for VGA, DVI or HDMI can also be used for SDTV and HDTV television outputs and TV tuner inputs by the usage of chips used in ADD2 and ADD2+ media expansion cards.

More results in lower costs: Instead of the four memory chips previously offered on the Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP, there are now 8 memory chips on the module supporting low price memory of up to 1 GB. Customers benefit from lower costs with this solution because the 8 chip design requires less capacity per chip, manufactured at an overall lower cost.

The new SDIO/GPIO BIOS switch offers a convenient setting of either GPIO or SDIO functionality via the BIOS. This simplifies the individual implementation of SD cards or custom general purpose I/Os on the carrier board, which underlines the convenient design-in values of this module: with a few clicks, the appropriate configuration can be set. Previously, individual program code had to be implemented.

Feature Set Overview

The Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module comes with the Z5XX series Intel® Atom™ processor from 1.1 GHz to 1.6 GHz and Intel® System Controller Hub US15W and offers up to 1 GByte of soldered DDR2 400/533 RAM and up to 4 GBytes of onboard Flash as a boot device. A wide array of future-focused interfaces are available via the COM Express™ Type 1 connector including 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x SATA, 8 x USB 2.0 (one of which is client capable), as well as a PCI-Express x1 lane for application-specific expansions. 2 x PCIe is also possible if the Gigabit Ethernet is not required. An external PCIe to PCI bridge is also supported. In order to enable small format SD/SDIO interfaces such as SD, miniSD, MMC and IDE-ATA, the Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module offers the relevant support via the GPIO pins of the COM Express™ compliant connector, now switchable via BIOS. In addition to the 18/24 Bit LVDS single channel graphics, the Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP features a SDVO-connector for independent dual monitor output. With 256MB of graphic memory, HDTV support and integrated MPG2 decoder as well as H.264, it offers the highest graphics performance for mini devices.

The updated Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Module already supports the new VxWorks 6.7 release as well as Linux, Windows XP, XPe and the new Win CE 6.0 R3. This extensive support underscores the versatility of this Computer-on-Module in a wide range of different markets.

For more information on the nanoETXexpress-SP, please visit: www.kontron.com/nanoETXexpress-SP/

For more information on the nanoETXexpress form factor, please visit: www.kontron.com/nanoETXexpress/

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