MPL delivers PIP38 - most rugged long-term Intel Core i7 fanless system.

Special Board Design

The PIP38 is completely designed from scratch to insure highest reliability. The design is based on MPL's 28 years of experience in the field of low power engineering. The PIP form factor has been introduced more then 17 years ago and remains in the same size and conception. The real advantage for MPL customers is the fact that the products are designed for a long-term availability. To ensure this, MPL designs and manufacturers the products 100 % in Switzerland in its premises. All components are stocked at MPL Switzerland to guarantee that the products can be supported and repaired, even years after EOL for a product.

Flexibility and Expansions

The PIP38 comes with 4GB soldered on-board DDR3 ECCRAM which can be expanded with dual channel DDR3 memory modules. The PIP38 also comes standard with four GigE Ethernet ports. The solution is extremely flexible as it can be internally expanded with basically any add-on card, regardless whether it is PCI/104, PCI/104 Express, miniPCIe modules, PMC & XMC modules, or PCIe cards (x1, x4, x16). Externally, the system can be expanded with ePCI x1 and eSATA equipment. Four DB-9 connectors (RS232/422/485) allow to connect any serial line devices and USB ports support USB3.0 and USB2.0 equipment.

Security and Reliability

For additional ruggedness and best reliability, the system is equipped with on-board soldered ECCRAM. Optionally the PIP38 can also be equipped with a hot swappable RAID solution. A further key for the reliability of the system is the selection of the components during the design. Only the best quality component give a reliable design. This is what we stand up for and where we differentiate ourselves. Reliability, security and quality may cost a bit more up front, but the Total Cost of Ownership will definitely be lower in the end.

CPU Board

The PIP38 built in the PIP housing is equipped such that all external available connectors are soldered on the base board to eliminate the use of cables, even with some internal expansions like serial lines or additional GigE ports. In case the board is used open frame or with a MIL housing, then the PIP38 can be equipped with lockable headers. With this feature, any connector and connector configuration can be used and it can be fully customized with your connector requirements. This functionality is also ideal for upgrades of existing solutions where more CPU power is needed.

Housing & Packaging

The PIP38 is available on a standard or customized cooling plate, in a standard PIP housing available in 3 different heights and 2 different foot print. Two different colors, custom colors and/or designs are possible. There is hardly a configuration that is not possible, including solutions for 19" rack mounting.

About the Company

MPL AG is located in Switzerland in the town of Daettwil near Zurich. It was founded 1985 by Rudolf Hug. Since 1985, MPL AG has been developing and manufacturing industrial PCs (boards and systems) for industrial needs and industrial controls with a high quality standard. The success of the company is based on various unique solutions: a rugged, PC compatible industrial concept, long-term availability of our products, low power consumption, extended temperature range, and passive cooling concepts (fanless).

If you need more information about the long-term PIP38 solution please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your requirements, we most likely have a solution for your needs.