National Instruments Expands C Series Family for High-Performance Data Logging

NI USB-9219, USB-9229, USB-9239 Extend Data Logger Offering with USB Support; NI 9234 Delivers Signal Conditioning

Austin, TX - March 18, 2008 – National Instruments today announced four new C Series modules for data-logging applications including vibration/acoustical data logging and in-vehicle, structural, temperature and pressure testing. The NI USB-9219, USB-9229 and USB-9239 provide USB, bus-powered connectivity to the C Series while the NI 9234 AC/DC-coupled dynamic signal acquisition module offers selectable IEPE signal conditioning for engineers measuring high-accuracy audio frequency.

The C Series combines signal conditioning, direct sensor connectivity and data acquisition into a small module for each measurement type that can be inserted into any C Series chassis to create a variety of systems. There are more than 40 C Series modules available for different measurements including thermocouple, voltage, RTD, current, resistance, strain, digital (TTL and other), accelerometers and microphones. The new modules, which expand the NI offering of 24-bit C Series modules for data-logging applications, are enhanced with the inherent data acquisition and analysis features of NI LabVIEW software.

The new, bus-powered USB-9219, USB-9229 and USB-9239 four-channel universal C Series modules are designed for multipurpose testing in any NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis, or with the NI USB-9162 single module carrier. With the new USB-9219 universal module, engineers can measure up to 11 types of signals from sensors such as strain gages, RTDs, thermocouples and load cells. With channel-to-channel isolation, an entire system, including the device under test, is protected from harmful voltage spikes up to the isolation rating. In addition to safety, isolation eliminates measurement errors caused by ground loops. Measurement ranges for the USB-9219 include up to ±60 V and ±25 mA, making it ideal for in-vehicle data-logging applications that often require 12 or 42 V of measurement range. The USB-9229 and USB-9239 high-speed data-logging modules acquire 50 kS/s samples per second per channel and include anti-aliasing filters to eliminate unwanted signals for monitoring applications such as structural health, machine conditioning, electrical power and environmental monitoring. The USB-9239 operates at ±10 V for precise, high-speed sensor measurement, while the USB-9229 operates at ±60 V for sensors with a higher output range such as proximity probes used for vibration data logging.

The NI 9234 dynamic signal acquisition module is ideal for vibration and acoustical data logging because engineers can turn on or off IEPE conditioning as well as select AC or DC coupling. The module delivers 24 bits of resolution, 102 dB of dynamic range and anti-aliasing filters. The NI 9234 module can be used with the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite, which includes the Sound and Vibration Assistant to simplify acquiring and analyzing noise and vibration signals by offering a stand-alone, interactive analysis and acquisition environment. The stand-alone software makes it possible to continually interact with varying data analysis settings while logging data to disk for future analysis.

Engineers can use C Series modules with the USB-9162 single module carrier and NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO hardware. Combining this hardware with LabVIEW software creates a user-defined data-logging application. With LabVIEW graphical programming, engineers can create custom user interfaces and take advantage of more than 600 math and analysis functions.

NI provides both PC-based and embedded data-logging hardware approaches for a wide span of data-logging applications. The small size, extreme ruggedness and hot-swappable industrial I/O C Series modules are designed as self-contained data-logging modules. All circuitry required for a specific measurement is contained in the module and all A/D and D/A conversion takes place in the module before data reaches a chassis. Different platforms offer flexibility for different deployment options, making this the ideal platform for vibration and acoustical, in-vehicle, structural, temperature and pressure data logging.

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