New ultra-rugged system boasts two independent, high-performance computers supporting secure/non-secure operations in one small package

• Independent operation of classified and unclassified domains in same system • National Security Agency (NSA)-approved architecture • Rugged interconnects for a fully sealed system eliminating contamination • Tamper-proof hardware allowing only authorized restart • Intel(r) Haswell(r) Quad Core processor for highest possible performance per dollar per watt

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIF., August 20, 2013 -- General Micro Systems, Inc. (GMS), designer and manufacturer of embedded computing products for defense, aerospace and compute-intensive applications, and the leader in high-end Intel® processors since 1986, has taken the next step in multi-level trusted computing. The company just released the SB1002R-MD, the latest in the “Golden Eye” family of systems. It is the first ultra-small, secure, ultra-rugged, multi-domain workstation that successfully combines two fully isolated systems – one operating in the black (classified) domain and the other in the red (non-secure) domain – in one unit.

What makes this possible is Golden Eyes’ advanced design and NSA-approved architecture. The SB1002R-MD houses an independent computer for each side (red/black) in the same enclosure – sharing only the secure internal DC power – and uses a proprietary mechanical system to completely isolate red from black domains electrically and from any electromagnetic force (EMF). No radiation crosses between the two.

Ultra-secure engineering of Golden Eyes enables the same system to be used in multiple military programs with varying needs and applications greatly reducing cost as well as support and inventory issues. With its unique architecture, alterations for new applications can be less costly than with other systems. Once the secure black domain is NSA-certified, reconfiguration and software modification of the non-secure red domain – changing I/O to meet the needs of a certain vehicle, for example – can be completed without recertification. This saves time and money, and allows configuration to other applications utilizing the same un-altered black domain.

The Golden Eyes’ two independent computers each utilize an Intel Haswell® Quad Core processor for maximum performance. These processors incorporate hyperthreading for a total of up to four logical cores, each operating at up to 2.3 GHz, with ability to turboboost up to 3.3 GHz. To handle this incredible performance, each CPU is coupled with up to 32 GBytes of RAM organized in two banks that support Error Correcting Code (ECC). The ECC RAM provides two bit error detection and one bit error correction, and supports up to 1600 Mega Transfers / Second (MTS) between CPU and memory.

Each domain I/O subsystem supports seven Gigabit Ethernet ports with TCP/IP offloading engine and six USB 2.0 ports. Each computer also comprises its own, onboard 512 GByte SSD drive, and can be additionally equipped with up to 512 GByte removable SATA SSD drive that is completely sealed and keyed to operate only in the domain for which it was configured. This eliminates the possibility of contamination and ensures it cannot be compromised in any way. The removable drives, along with the system itself, remain sealed even when separated from one another, making changes in the field as safe as in the lab.

For extra secure operation, a tamper-proof function recognizes unfamiliar access of software, boot or BIOS, and locks the system, not allowing a restart without a controlled reauthorization process.

A completely sealed, fan-less system, Golden Eyes can be mounted directly to any conduction cooled surface or one of GMS’ many radiator options. The unit is equipped with patent-pending cooling that gives it the ability to operate from -40°C to +85°C at full load without throttling the CPU. Special mechanical features enable Golden Eyes to comply with Mil-STD-810G tests sustaining 120g. This level of g-force, as well as Golden Eyes’ extreme operating temperature range, is an unheard-of ultra-rugged capability for any system containing high-performance processor chips.

The Golden Eyes SB1002R-MD joins predecessors S902R and S802R in more than 10,000 systems already delivered to WIN-T and other U.S. Army programs; they are available now for shipment with operating systems such as Windows® 7, Linux® and VXWorks® installed. The Golden Eyes SB1002R-MD is available in quantity starting at $20,000 and will ship 12 weeks ARO.


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