News 2013-03-13 02:22:39

- Nuremberg (Germany), embedded world 2013, 26th - 28 th February, 2013

During the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference, SECO will unveil the Q7-i.MX6, a Qseven Rel. 2.0 Compliant Module that offers top computational and graphical performance delivered by a low-power CPU.

The board is based on the i.MX6 Applications platform from Freescale, which integrates a multicore Cortex A9 ARM CPU, ideal for applications requiring multimedia capabilities and/or high levels of parallel computing.

All this comes in the brand new form factor, Qseven, just 40x70mm, introduced with the latest Qseven specifications Rel. 2.0.

SECO Q7-i.MX6 Qseven module features:

• OpenGL/ES 2.0 3D Graphics and up to 4 independent displays

• A flexible solution, suitable for high end, multi display solutions as well as energy-saving mobile applications

• Suitable for digital signage applications

About SECO

SECO, world-leading company in electronic embedded solutions, over its 30 years of experience has shown the ability to adapt its know-how to new, challenging customers’ needs, and to provide cutting edge solutions to its partners.

On the strength of its know-how and in contrast with recent outsourcing policy, SECO has always set the entire production cycle in Italy, from the development stage to mass distribution.

Thanks to new, innovative solutions and great research and design activities together with the partnership with major scientific Universities and worldwide leading companies, SECO went International becoming a global market-leading company providing solutions to modern challenges.