Toradex Releases the Worlds First Pico ITX Board for Nano COM Express Modules

Toradex introduces Daisy, a Pico ITX board for Nano COM Express and nanoETXexpress modules.

Toradex Daisy Pico ITX
Toradex Daisy Pico ITX

Daisy is an embedded base board for credit card sized nanoETXexpress and COM Express computer modules. The board was initially designed to work with the Intel Atom based Toradex Robin module. Together they form a modular computer system that fits in the palm of your hand. With a tiny form factor of 10 cm x 7.2 cm, the Daisy is 75% smaller than a mini ITX board.

Daisy is suitable for application in areas such as, advertising, POS, data acquisition, automation, medical, mobile and many others. When size and power consumption matters, the Daisy embedded computer board is an ideal choice.

The given multimedia interfaces VGA, TV out, LVDS and 7.1 HD Audio, can create a great user experience. LVDS enables you to connect a LCD display in a very direct way. There are 8 GPIOs to connect peripherals like simple buttons or LEDs. Additionally you can find several USB ports. With Gigabit Ethernet, SATA and a PCI Express Mini Card slot, the board is ready for bandwidth hungry applications. For example, the Mini PCIe is a great way to add 3G capability or other wireless technologies.

Toradex recommends using the small Robin COM Express embedded module in combination with the Daisy board. Robin is based on the Intel Atom Z530 or Z510 processor with the US15W System Controller Hub. It has DDR RAM and an SSD disk onboard, therefore an extra hard disk is not necessary. For additional storage requirements, the combination features two micro SD cards slots and one SATA port.

Daisy is available now for only 90 Euro at the Toradex Webshop (single quantity price).

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About Toradex:

The Swiss company Toradex is headquartered in Horw nearby the city of Lucerne and has offices in Seattle, WA, United States, and Shanghai, China. The company is specialized in highly miniaturized embedded computers based on Marvell XScale (Bulverde PXA270, Monahans PXA3xx) and X86 (Intel Atom) Processors.

Toradex was founded in November 2003 by private investors as an independent shareholder company and has since then grown year by year. The company is entirely debt free and distributes its products and services exclusively over the Internet. Toradex is serving a customer base of more than 2000 companies in 70 countries.

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