Two New CPU Modules Added to MYIR's TI AM335x SOM Family

MYIR has added two new CPU modules MCC-AM335X-Y and MCC-AM335X-J to its AM335x SOM family which are compact in size and ready to run Linux operating system.

Compared to MYIR's first AM335x CPU module MYC-AM335X, the new modules are using different expansion interfaces and featuring the Power Management IC (PMIC) TPS65217C on board to provide users a wider selection. The MCC-AM335X-Y CPU module is measuring 65mm by 35mm with 10-layer PCB design and using 1.27mm pitch 146-pin stamp hole expansion interface while the MCC-AM335X-J CPU module is measuring 67.6mm by 45mm with 8-layer PCB design and using DDR2 SO-DIMM 200-pin gold finger expansion interface. They have flexible RAM and Flash configuration options for 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and support even large memory capacities with reserved eMMC Flash design. They also have Gigabit Ethernet PHY on board and carry most of the I/O signals to and from the CPU module to the base board from their expansion interfaces.

MYIR's AM335x CPU modules are all highly-integrated and support both 0~70 Celsius and -40 to +85 Celsius temperature operation. They are ideal for various industrial embedded applications. MYIR offers ultra-low prices as well as custom design services.

MYIR also offers development boards for the CPU modules which are solid reference design for evaluation, prototype, education or system integration. The MYD-AM335X-Y is carrying the MCC-AM335X-Y module which features two Ethernet and Wi-Fi module on board. The MYD-AM335X-J is carrying the MCC-AM335X-J module which features up to six serial ports, two CAN bus and two Ethernet. User can also use the development board directly for industrial control purpose. They can make selections according to their requirements, thus make it greatly reduce the development time and save cost.