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  • A dual-channel source-measure instrument for the VXI test environment
  • Single-slot VXI C-size module
  • Can make single-point measurements in 1msec simultaneously on both channels
  • Performs simple pass/fail tests in under 1msec
  • Range settings can be changed in 10 ms and the settings within the same range can be changed in 1 msec
  • More than 5,000 readings (at 4-2/3 digits) can be taken per second and either stored to memory or transferred to your host PC via the VXIbus
  • Can source and measure voltages from 20?V to 25V in three ranges and current from 50pA to 1000mA in seven ranges
  • Source voltage and source current settle to specified accuracy within 150?s
  • Uses floating grounds so that multiple channels can be connected in parallel for higher current or, optionally, in series for increased voltage
  • Accepts and sources VXI triggers, allowing host-free sequencing of complex test scenarios
  • Each channel provides an isolation relay to isolate the SM25 from the Device Under Test (DUT), while other instruments are driving the DUT
  • Addresses a variety of applications, including testing passive, characterizing and testing diodes and transistors, and testing ICs

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