MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH

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  • A 3U/6U, CompactPCI/PXI Pentium III-based SBC
  • Celeron or Pentium III processor at 733/850 MHz
  • One-slot, 32-bit CompactPCI system master
  • ?PXI system controller
  • Peripheral-slot version on request
  • 256 Mbytes of DRAM, CompactFlash
  • Graphics controller/digital video output
  • 10/100Base-Tx Fast Ethernet
  • USB interface
  • Two COMs, IDE, floppy, parallel, and keyboard/mouse ports via extension card
  • Onboard hard disk via extension card
  • Supports Windows, Linux, QNX, RTX, and VxWorks operating systems
  • Extension kit for 6U systems

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