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  • Virtex II, XC2V6000 FPGA
  • Compact PCI plug-in format (3U 4HP, 32/64 bit, 33/66MHz )
  • On-board memory interfaces
  • FLASH prom
  • SODIMM socket for SDRAM
  • SRAM via memory expansion
  • Debug Support Unit interface (RS232)
  • Memory expansion connector
  • User I/O Connectors (152 user i/o's)
  • Ethernet PHY 10/100 transceiver
  • On-board oscillators
  • ISP FPGA configuration via JTAG or Slave Serial interface
  • Specially designed and configurable for LEON core implementations
  • Capable of supporting LEON-FT core implementations PIO expansion with 2xRS232/ 2xRS422/ 2x LVDS options

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