CPCI to PCI Expansion

Hartmann Elektronik

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The expansion unit has an automatic signal voltage V (I/O) level adaptation feature for 5 V and 3.3 V


  • Five LED displays indicate the present voltages; 3.3 V/5 V/V(I/O)/+12V/-12 V
  • Additional current injection by Fastons or rear I/O modules: +5 V-8A, +3.3 V-10A, +12 V-1A, and -12 V-1A
  • JTAG connector can be activated by jumper, then the JTAG from the CompactPCI bus is connected to the PCI bus
  • A poly-switch fuse (1.25A) is integrated on the assembly between the primary (CompactPCI bus) and secondary (PCI bus)
  • Also available: CompactPCI fabric board, PCI fabric board, PCI expansion unit, CompactPCI R I/O fabric board, and fabric switch

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