COQOS Release 5.0

OpenSynergy GmbH

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The COQOS 5.0 version supports the new Freescale processor i.MX 6Q. This processor is based on the ARM Cortex-A9 multicore architecture. COQOS is based on separation kernel that creates logical partitions, in which the various operating systems can run safely and independently of each other. In addition, the virtualization technology simplifies the management of the hardware resources, because the microkernel controls how the various partitions can optimally share the performance of the multicore processor.
COQOS Release 5.0
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  • Safe and secure integration of infotainment into the car
  • Seamless integration into an AUTOSAR-compatible car environment
  • Integration of Linux- and Android-based software frameworks
  • Real time applications run independently from Linux
  • Certified PikeOS micorkernel
  • Integration of diverse functionalities on a single processor
  • Fast boot application are available before Linux has been started
  • All communication towards the vehicle network are controlled

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