VME-194 Freescale QorIQ P2020 SBC


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The VME-194 VME Freescale QorIQ P2020 SBC is designed for applications where low power with dual-core performance is a requirement. With two 64-bit PMC and XMC sites and a large complement of I/O capability such as Gigabit Ethernet, up to six serial ports, SATA, 1553 and USB 2.0 ports, the VME-194 Freescale QorIQ SBC can satisfy the most demanding requirements of embedded computing applications.
VME-194 Freescale QorIQ P2020 SBC
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  • Cost effective, Low Power general-purpose single board computer with Freescale P2010/P2020 Power Architecture processor
  • Full complement of I/O capability (Gigabit Ethernet, SCSI, serial (RS232/422/485 async/sync), USB 2.0, 1553, Serial ATA, TTL and differential discretes...,) including front panel Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Up to 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM with ECC controlled by a single 64-bit controller
  • 2 E500 cores at up to 1.2GHz
  • Two 64-bit PMCs on independent PCI buses
  • Single x4 PCIe XMC site
  • 2eSST-capable VME interface
  • Designed for embedded harsh-environment applications, both air- and conduction-cooled

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