TESSY Functional Test System

GOEPEL electronic

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Modularly configurable functional test system meeting the specific requirements for vehicle control unit tests


  • The system is equipped with vehicle-type and manufacturer-specific configurable communication interfaces (CAN and diagnosis)
  • Time-critical protocols are controlled by microcontroller-based modules on PXI basis
  • Modular hardware structure for easy adaptation to the unit under test (UUT)
  • Simulation of the vehicle components and failure simulation
  • Generation of typical signals for the functionality checks and the test of system characteristics
  • Intuitive software based on the Test Sequencer
  • Macro library with various functions depending on the hardware configuration
  • IEEE 488.2 and RS-232 interfaces for the integration of additional hardware
  • Available in specific configuration forexample, car seats, ECUs in general, or network tester

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