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  • 3U OpenVPX JPEG 2000 Codec module
  • 3U OpenVPX form-factor (VITA 65)
  • Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA
  • JPEG 2000 Codec (low latency, up to 4k x 4k still image, 1080i60/1080p30 motion picture)
  • Flexible video configuration options (bitrate, frame rate, etc.)
  • Two SD/HD-SDI inputs and outputs
  • One HDMI 1.3 input and output
  • One Analog video input
  • One CameraLink input
  • Stand-alone video over Ethernet
  • Commercial Air-Cooled, Conduction-Cooled
  • CES Advanced Board Management Controller (aBMC)

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