RIO3-E 8064

Creative Electronic Systems

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  • PowerPC 750 at 450 MHz with 1 MB external L2 cache
  • Up to 512 MB SDRAM at 800 MBps peak
  • Two onboard dual PMC slots
  • Transparent multiprocessing
  • CES-designed PowerPC-to-VME64x 2eSST bridge
  • CES-designed direct PowerPC-to-PCI bridges
  • Optimized bus architecture for maximum bus bandwidth
  • Multiple arbiters for memory bandwidth allocation
  • User-controlled interrupt strategies
  • Remotely controllable with CES-designed reprogram and reconfiguration toolkit
  • PCI based on VME backplane P0 connector
  • Up to six PMCs (CES computing cores) controlled by the same RIO3-E 8064

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