TIO 6209

Creative Electronic Systems

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Common hardware platform based on Xilinx Virtex-II Pro (XC2VP7 to XC2VP30) with dynamic reconfiguration capability


  • Intensive use of CES or external IP cores
  • Onboard resources for SERDES clocking, high-speed memory buffering, PCI 32/64-bit at 33/66 MHz
  • Local Xilinx Virtex-II Pro for I/O mapping and user-defined applications (up to 25,000 LE available)
  • Dual 64 MB ultra high-speed RLDRAM
  • One flash EPROM device for up to 32 MB
  • Thermal monitoring and secure cells package
  • Dual platforms to support user-defined electrical interfaces via SMC daughter boards
  • IOSI 7009A0 - 12 x I/O signal interface (2x ?DB25)
  • SFP 7019A0 - 4 x SFP (small form pluggable) connector interface (3.125 Gbps programmable serial link)

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