XP-10E Expansion System

SIE Computing Solutions, Inc.

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XP-10E Expansion System


  • Allows users to migrate to a PCI Express system
  • Suitable for military, commercial, server, data acquisition, and recording industry applications
  • Nine PCI 2.3 compliant slots and one PCIe x4 clot from a single PCIe host system slot
  • PCI Express 1.1. compliant system
  • Host card
  • Motherboard
  • 4U rack-mount or bench top chassis
  • Expansion chassis connects to the host using one PCI Express x4 serial cable
  • Host system and expansion system can be placed up to five meters apart
  • Internal 300 W ATX power supply
  • Optional dual redundant 400 W or 500 W power supplies
  • Supports interconnect bandwidths of 10 Gbps full duplex
  • Host system interface includes one x4 PCI Express edgecard connector
  • Expansion system includes one x4 PCIe card slot and one x4 PCI Express auxiliary interface
  • Uses three fans at 250 CFM to provide forced-air cooling that is sufficient for 500 W power dissipation
  • Cooling system features replaceable air intake filter
  • Expansion chassis front accessible for easy fan and filter replacement
  • 3.3 Vdc, 5 Vdc, +12 Vdc, and ?12 Vdc power
  • Conforms to international emission and immunity standards

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