R-Car V2H

Renesas Electronics Corporation

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System-on-a-chip (SoC) implementing state-of-the-art image recognition technology to support high-resolution surround viewing in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
R-Car V2H


  • Renesas applied technology from its industry-leading R-Car SoCs for automotive infotainment equipment and added high-performance image recognition and low-power consumption technologies in the development of the R-Car V2H.
  • The R-Car V2H enables embedded system manufacturers to deliver high-resolution surround-view monitoring systems, with multiple cameras, for advanced point-of-view switching.
  • Sophisticated systems demand substantially higher processing performance in order to handle the expanded range of image recognition targets and increased processing load imposed by multiple cameras with higher pixel counts.
  • Incorporates the IMR, a core dedicated to viewpoint conversion, the Renesas IMP-X4 image recognition core, and a 3-D graphics core, all of which provide the imaging-related technologies needed to support ADAS requirements on vehicles targeting new government regulations and insurance safety ratings
  • Six IMR channels can each support a high-resolution camera where the combined output can produce high-definition surround view images
  • The IMP-X4 image recognition core delivers image recognition processing performance that is approximately eight times that of the earlier Renesas SH7766 and approximately four times that of the R-Car H1
  • The IMP-X4 incorporates six programmable image processing accelerators making possible image recognition functionality involving, for example, processing of input from multiple cameras, while altering their configuration as needed
  • Ethernet AVB offers features such as guaranteed bandwidth and synchronization of multiple cameras. Moving forward, it is expected to become the mainstream technology for automotive high-speed networking
  • The R-CAR V2H includes a gigabit Ethernet AVB controller to work with next-generation automotive networks

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