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CES ROCK-3 family is the first product line of mission computers based on VNX (a.k.a. VITA 74); a standards-based approach to conduction-cooled small form factor systems. The integration of the Intel Atom E3845 processor expands the range of processors offered by CES in order to accommodate the different needs that the embedded community is requesting. In addition to the AMD G-Series SoC and the Intel Atom E3845 processor CES is working on the integration of several other processor architectures.
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  • Chassissupportingtwodouble - wide19mmandonesingle - wide12.5mmVNXmodules
  • One19mmsite hosts an SBC, initially an AMD G - Series SoCquad - coreprocessorwithtwoindependentGPUs
  • The2nd19mmsitecanh osteithera2ndSBC, an image processor, or a video conversion module
  • The 12.5mm site is configured to holdeither an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with GPS and optional SAASM capability, or a dualMiniPCIe I/O carrier
  • I/O transition panel supports theMILconnectorsforpowerandI/Oconnectivity
  • ReartransitionpanelsupportsmSATAstorage

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