VP F1x/msd

Concurrent Technologies, Inc.

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VP F1x/msd is a 6U VME board based on a 4th generation Intel Core processor. VP F1x/msd has dual PMC/XMC sites as well as an expansion connector for two additional PMC modules mounted on an expansion carrier. It offers CFast for reliable on-board storage and a wide variety of I/O for user connectivity.
VP F1x/msd
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  • 4th generation Intel Core processor
  • Up to 32 Gbytes of soldered DDR3L-1600 DRAM with ECC
  • 2 x PMC/XMC module sites
  • Connector for PMC expansion carrier
  • CFast and 2.5-inch drive options for on-board storage
  • Optional security and built in test software

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