OS82150 MOST150 Coaxial Transceiver

Microchip Technology, Inc.

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The OS82150 is a single-chip, coaxial transceiver that allows you to use coaxial cables instead of optical fibers at a speed grade of 150 Mbps. This device seamlessly interfaces to MOST150 INICs like Microchip’s OS81110. The design in is straightforward and total system costs are optimized. The OS82150 extends the usage of coaxial cabling to powerful infotainment networks based on MOST150 technology. Video, audio, control and packet data are collectively transmitted over a single coaxial cable. This also includes IP data for IP-based applications such as antenna modules. MOST network technology guarantees the highest quality of service. 3D-navigation units, multi-channel audio amplifiers, programmable instrument clusters and rear seat entertainment devices with crisp high-definition video displays can be networked in an efficient ring topology based on coaxial cables.
OS82150 MOST150 Coaxial Transceiver
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  • Single-chip, coaxial transceiver for MOST150 network: Integrates coaxial cable driver and coaxial cable receiver in a single package
  • Seamless interfacing to MOST150 Intelligent Network Interface Controllers like OS81110
  • Designed for automotive-grade EMC
  • Compliant with MOST® Physical Layer Specification
  • Supports dual-simplex transmission to allow for ring topology
  • Small 4 mm QFN package
  • Single 3.3 V supply

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