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Creative Electronics Systems (CES) offers the MFCC-8557, a DAL-C-certifiable XMC†2.0 single-board computer (SBC) for aerospace and defense applications. It is designed to meet the DO-178C/DO-254 certification process and can be delivered with all documentation, certification evidences, and supporting artifacts required to prove compliance with the design-assurance qualifications of the avionic industry. CES has equipped the MFCC-8557 with a set of power-on, continuous, and initiated built-in tests, together with hardware†components to physically disconnect maintenance interfaces during missions. The MFCC-8557 is designed to work with†complementary building blocks featuring an XMC 2.0-compatible site. Bundled with CESí VGP-2870 or AVIO-2353, the MFCC-8557 turns into a DAL-C (DO-178C/DO-254)-certifiable subsystem, all contained in a single 3U VPX slot, aimed at computation-intensive video and graphics (bundled with the VGP-2870) or I/O-rich avionics applications (AVIO-2353). The MFCC-8557 is designed to meet DAL safety certification, produced using DO-178C/DO-254 design best practices. Features include extended-range, conduction-cooled operation; low-SWaP bundle options with I/O avionics interfaces or high-performance video graphics; XMC 2.0 (VITA-61) form factor; NXP QorIQ P3041 processor; low power (12W typical); and 4x†PCIe Gen2 interfaces on XMC (full mesh support).
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  • Design Assurance Level C (DO-178C/DO-254)
  • Extended Range Conduction-Cooled
  • Low-SWaP bundle options with I/O rich avionics interfaces or high performance video graphics
  • XMC 2.0 (VITA-61) form factor.
  • NXP QorIQ™ P3041 processor
  • Low power: 12W typical

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