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14-channel programmable gamma buffer for automotive TFT-LCD displays. The automotive-grade ISL76534 delivers the highest accuracy gamma calibration to ensure consistent brightness and color matching of every LCD panel inside a vehicle. The ISL76534 is ideal for next generation LCDs designed for infotainment displays, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) smart mirrors and instrument cluster displays.
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  • I2C programmable, 15-channel reference voltage outputs
  • 14-channel gamma references, 10-bit resolution, buffered outputs with 60mA Iout and 5V/µs slew rate
  • Analog supply operating range from 6.3V to 19V
  • Analog AVDD max current of 2.5mA, amp AVDD max current of 1.2mA, and digital DVDD max current of 0.33mA

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