ATR-3500 Enclosure

Dawn VME Products, Inc.

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ATR-3500 Enclosure
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  • A rugged enclosure
  • Allows the use of standard conduction-cooled 3U VPX modules
  • Completely Sealed Electronics Compartment
  • Six-slot VPX Backplane, Consisting of One Power Module Slot and five 3U VPX slots
  • Designed and Engineered with Extremely Tight Tolerances Along with Precision Machined Card Guides, to Insure Proper Board Seating and a Reduction in Connector Stress
  • Able to Accommodate Standard Front Panels or Dawn's Special Rugged Panels
  • Complete with RuSHTM System Health Monitor
  • Ensures Correct System Operation by Monitoring Temperatures, Voltages, Humidity, and Fans, as well as Controlling Fans for Optimum System Performance

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