Trenton Technology Inc.

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Trenton's new JXT6966 single board computer features two, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors C5500 Series with integrated memory & I/O controllers plus PCI Express®Gen 2.0 support


  • Rackmount computer system performance boost delivered with Nehalem-core processors
  • New processor core and chipset design along with JXT6966 innovations reduces system power consumption
  • 5x memory performance increases delivered with direct to the processor DDR3-1300, six-channel memory interfaces
  • PCI Express Gen 2 support doubles option card data throughput in embedded rackmount computer systems
  • Full-length board stiffener bars provide reliable SHB operation by protecting sensitive board components from mechanical damage and assist in the safe insertion and removal of the SHB from the system
  • Deployment risks lowered and ROI maximized with extended-life board design and Trenton's 5-year product warranty

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