SUMIT/FP Adapter

Diamond Systems Corporation

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Innovative way to add off-the-shelf I/O expansion options to COMs, SBCs, and proprietary embedded designs
SUMIT/FP Adapter


  • Mezzanine-style expansion format
  • Adapter board that enables systems with SUMIT-ISM expansion stack locations to use FeaturePak I/O expansion modules
  • Uses a single PCI Express x1 lane from the SUMIT-A connector on the SUMIT-ISM
  • provides a pair of 50-pin I/O header connectors for access to FeaturePak I/O as well as pass-through connectors for the SUMIT-B bus and PC/104 bus
  • Supports an extended temperature range of -40 ?C to +85 ?C
  • Modules that conform to the FeaturePak specification easily snap into a variety of SFFs including Qseven, COM Express, Mobile-ITX, and PCI/104-Express

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